Friday, May 1, 2015

Going it Alone

Going It Alone

Remember Tom Hanks in Castaway? He was so desperate for someone to talk with that he created his soul-mate Wilson out of a basketball. Even Robinson Crusoe created a companion out of Friday, someone he considered pretty raw material at first. This human need to reach out is one reason why I like shipwreck stories so much.
                The truth is, talkers need listeners. Writers need readers. Those with a message long for someone to take it in. It’s tough, going it alone.
                I prefer not to use this blog only to talk about me. Well, okay, sometimes about me. I guess that’s why you stopped by—to discover what my stories are about and who I am. But wouldn’t it be more fun to tackle other themes that interest us both?
                My first novel, Teach me Too, with Secret Cravings, is crammed full of topics that sizzle my brain. You’ll see. When you see something in the novel that resonates with you, give me a nudge. You’ll find my e-mail address on my Contact page. Hopefully you’ll provide me with a supply of ideas that will keep us busy for a long time.
By the way, here’s something everybody wants to know. The hairy guy with me on my Welcome page is Teddy, my sheltie. You can see him on the website’s banner, too, if you look closely. He’s the inspiration for every sheltie character I create, including Ralph and Romeo in Teach Me Too.
                Look for me to blog once a month or so. Often enough to be of interest but not move in with you. Happy reading, and thanks for the support.